We were pleased to announce the translation of Abay’s book from Kazakh into Dutch. This translation project aimed to make Abay’s literary masterpiece accessible to a wider audience and to promote Kazakh culture and literature in the Netherlands.

Abay’s book was a significant work of Kazakh literature, which explored the themes of national identity, social justice, and humanism. The book was widely regarded as a masterpiece of Kazakh literature and had been translated into many languages. The Dutch translation was the latest addition to this growing list of translations, and we were confident that it contributed to a better understanding and appreciation of Kazakh literature in the Dutch-speaking world.

The translation project was undertaken by a team of experienced translators, who were fluent in both Kazakh and Dutch. The team worked closely with experts in Kazakh literature and culture to ensure that the translation was accurate and faithful to the original text. The team was also committed to preserving the cultural nuances and literary style of the original work, while making it accessible to a Dutch-speaking audience.

We believed that the translation of Abay’s book into Dutch was an important milestone in the promotion of Kazakh culture and literature. We hoped that this translation would inspire more people to explore the rich cultural heritage of Kazakhstan and to appreciate the beauty and power of Kazakh literature.Translation from Dutch into Kazakh

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