Distance Interpreting

The coronavirus pandemic has threatened not only the global economy, but also the lives of millions of people. Because of the current crisis, people from different countries are unable to meet in person. Fortunately, online technologies for web meetings have come to the rescue. Due to the present situation, remote simultaneous interpretation is being used more and more as it enables people from different parts of the world to communicate with each other and continue to interact.

What is remote simultaneous interpretation and how is it used?

Simultaneous interpretation is a type of interpretation where the interpreter conveys a speaker’s words simultaneously to other participants in their mother tongue and is the most complex mode of interpretation. This type of interpretation is now only possible using video conferencing, as mass events are forbidden around the world, borders are closed, and everyone has to work remotely. Such simultaneous interpretation sessions are now being conducted via Zoom and other similar platforms.

At the moment, remote translation services are most frequently used by people who need translation services for webinars, online conferences, and meetings. The development of modern virtual communication technologies allows us to provide the necessary quality of video and sound transmission to overcome distance barriers.

Why remote simultaneous interpretation is becoming increasingly popular?

Social distancing and RSI


Despite the coronavirus epidemic, people still need to stay in touch to discuss and resolve common issues. Large companies cannot do without the services of qualified simultaneous interpreters, and in the current situation this can only be done with the help of video conferences.

Both the participants in such events and the interpreters are required to have an RSI compliant headset. This requirement for remote online simultaneous interpretation is due to the complexity of the interpreter’s task and because sound transmission is sometimes contaminated with noise from the surrounding environment. Participants are encouraged to follow the guidelines for participating in virtual meetings.

Thanks to such online meetings, conference participants, while still adhering to social distancing rules, can continue to communicate and carry on their normal routine as far as possible, while interpreters are able to maintain their livelihood.

Distance Interpreting

Even before the onset of the current crisis, such as distance interpreting sessions were gaining popularity, as they provide a cost-effective alternative to in-person meetings and save clients the time and expense of travelling and accommodation, while still enabling all-important personal contact to be maintained. Apart from the benefit of the much reduced costs involved in hosting such meetings, now, more than ever, such online conferences have become the most socially responsible method of cross-border personal communication.

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