Interpreters in Doha 

The Eastern state of Qatar is commonly called the Pearl of the Persian Gulf. Its territory is almost completely covered by desert sands, and it is washed on all sides by the waters of the Persian Gulf. In the south, Qatar borders Saudi Arabia.

Thanks to its rich natural oil and gas reserves, Qatar is developing rapidly. Its first oil and gas fields were discovered in the 1930s; Qatar’s largest oil reserves are located in the central part of the Persian Gulf. Qatar is a leading producer of liquefied natural gas, and the world’s largest exporter. Alongside its revenues from natural resources, to improve the economy, the country also attracts investments in other sectors. The state sees the welfare, health, and quality of life of its citizens as its main priority.

Qatar is also successfully developing its tourism sector. With a developed infrastructure, rich culture, unique identity, and Muslim traditions, it never ceases to attract a flow of tourists. In the country’s capital, Doha, one can find both traditional Arab buildings and modern skyscrapers. The city’s inhabitants continue to preserve its Arab traditions and colourful events, such as camel races.

At the very edge of the Persian Gulf is the National Museum, recognised as “the most unusual building of the decade”. Its unique and grandiose architectural forms are shaped like rose petals. The project was brought to life by renowned French architect Jean Nouvel, who was inspired by the rare beauty of desert roses.

In 2022, this small state will host the FIFA World Cup for the first time in its history. Such events greatly help the country’s development and increase its prestige still further.

Business environment in Qatar

Developing the country’s economy requires investments, as well as close relationships with other countries in the global market. A partnership for the exchange of information between Qatar and the CIS countries is necessary in order to acquaint Russian-speaking partners with Qatari manufacturers. Business, trade, and economic relations are developing with the Qatar Financial Centre, the Qatar Sea Port, and the largest natural gas fields.
The Qatar Financial Centre is deservedly recognised as one of the world’s leading and fastest growing business centres. The centre’s activities are aimed at developing financial technologies to change the familiar patterns of consumption of financial services.
The Hamad seaport in Doha is the largest in the Middle East. It receives over 7 million container ships per year directly to Qatar, rather than by transit. The port’s location in the Persian Gulf helps develop trade relations with major world market leaders.

Simultaneous Interpretation in Delhi

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Conference interpreters in Doha

Conference Interpreters in Doha

Q Interpreter provides professional simultaneous Russian and English translation services for business negotiations and conferences in Doha. The company’s translators specialise in translation in the oil and gas, financial, and technology sectors. Possessing a deep understanding of Islamic culture and business etiquette in Muslim countries, Q Interpreter translators help the establishment of mutually beneficial and fruitful partnerships.
In the current epidemiological situation, simultaneous translation with partners from Qatar can be arranged online. To book remote simultaneous interpretation services, you can contact Q Interpreter by phone or place a request for a quote on the website.



Q Interpreter offers a large range of Russian & English interpretation services depending on your business needs. For conferences, conventions & seminars that you need to attend physically our simultaneous conference interpretation option is the most suitable.

For factory visits and business meetings we recommend onsite consecutive interpretation.

And if you need to translate technical documents, presentations, a website, etc. our translation service will meet your requirements. 

Oil & Gas – Interpreting in Zoom

We have over 10 years of experience in online interpretation in Russian and English for top international oil and gas consortia. From online board meetings to online press conferences.  With Q Interpreter you will find the Zoom interpreter in Russian for your business needs!

More details about specific projects Q provided solutions for are available upon request.

Interpreting in Zoom oil gas

Electric Power – Interpreting in Zoom

At Q Interpreter we posses many years of experience interpreting for projects in the power generation and transmission business.

Q Interpreter provided solutions to support construction of one of the largest hydropower projects in the world. For many years we have interpreted at negotiations for a transmission line connecting several countries and spanning thousand kilometers.

Interpreting in Zoom electric power

Banking & Finance – Interpreting in Zoom

Conference calls with analysts, potential M&A negotiations, a briefing by your CFO, or interpretation at board meetings, say, for your independent directors?

Q Interpreter offers a wealth of experience with leading financial institutions to deliver an interpretation that will help you solidify your position. It will also allow you to deliver a clear message to the markets. Furthermore it will help executives navigate today’s multilingual environment.

Interpreting in Zoom banking finance

Negotiations and Business Meetings – Zoom interpreter in Russian

Developing a partnership in a new country? Working on a distribution arrangement in a fresh market? But social distancing and travel restrictions makes it hard for you to be there in person?

Q Interpreter takes advantage of our extensive track record to help you conduct negotiations with precision, and, of course, in utmost confidentiality. We will connect you with an expert Zoom interpreter in Russian!

interpreting in zoom negotiations business meetings

Training Seminars – Teams video call interpreter in Russian

At Q Interpreter we are ready to make sure you can take maximum advantage of our expertise in order to deliver top-quality interpretation for your training needs.

Contact us to receive detailed information to ensure the Skype or Teams Russian interpretation at your next training event is top-notch!

Zoom Interpreter

Professional Membership

The International Association of Conference Interpreters is the only global association of conference interpreters. It brings together over 3,000 professionals from every continent. It promotes strict ethical professional practices.

The International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters (IAPTI) is an international professional association of translators and interpreters.

The Society of Petroleum Engineers is a non-profit oil and gas community. It is dedicated to meet the world’s energy demands in a safe, environmentally responsible manner.

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