Equipment for Simultaneous Translation

In modern society, cooperation and interaction with representatives of other countries is very popular. Thanks to advanced technologies and proven solutions, the language barrier is no longer an insurmountable barrier. Q Interpreter offers a convenient, comprehensive solution to the issue of renting equipment for simultaneous translation. Cooperating with us, you can count on professionalism, maximum comfort in work and impeccable quality of services.

2 common equipment options that have proven themselves well:

  1. Cabins for simultaneous speech of the speaker and translator.
  2. Portable equipment for small groups or traveling delegations.

We offer the services of professional translators who specialize specifically in simultaneous translation and appropriate equipment for simultaneous translation – this guarantees high-quality translation, which opens up the possibility for comfortable interaction. It is especially beneficial to rent equipment for simultaneous translation if the need for it arises periodically, you do not have to invest large sums in the purchase of devices. Cooperating with our company, you can always rent equipment for simultaneous translation at affordable prices in the Netherlands. Of course, in some cases it is advisable to use oral, written or remote simultaneous translation. However, the facts confirm that simultaneous speech translation equipment is very popular today. Here are just a few areas of application:

– Negotiations with business partners;

– Conferences with an international format of participation;

– Forums, congresses;

– Informal meetings.

Simultaneous Translation Booths – Quality Assurance

Many companies that have used Bosch Integrus simultaneous translation equipment confirm the impeccably high level of simultaneous work and convenience for both interpreters and event participants. Manufacturers have carefully considered the design and content of the booth – you can count on the highest quality of interpreter services.We can provide one booth for translation into one language. If there are more languages into which you need to translate the speaker’s speech, we will offer you the required number of equipped booths and simultaneous interpreters.

The cabin device provides for the following equipment in it:

– A music stand for an interpreter, complete with headphones and a microphone;

– Sound control panel;

– IR transmitters;

– Headphones for listeners and participants – they can be stethoscope or overhead.

Situations are quite common when in the hall where the event is planned, there are no booths equipped for simultaneous translation. In this case, we offer to use our equipment – our specialists will install and configure it at the meeting venue. Even if the area of the hall in which the event is directly organized is too small to install a booth, it can be mounted in another room, and a video camera is installed in the hall, allowing the interpreter to see the speaker and presentations.

Equipment for simultaneous translation
Equipment for simultaneous translation

Portable Equipment for Simultaneous Interpretation – Convenience, Quality, Maneuverability

Portable, or as it is also called, portable equipment for simultaneous translation has proven itself perfectly – if you do not plan to buy it, we suggest using the services of our company. The presented equipment for the simultaneous work of an interpreter and a speaker has proven to be excellent – it can be used in cases where stationary booths cannot meet the expectations of customers:

– In small auditoriums, when it is impossible to place a booth for simultaneous translation in another (adjacent) room.           In such a case, the interpreter’s voice may interfere with those who can understand the speaker’s language;

During excursions, the equipment is quite compact and does not require the use of wires;

– When a delegation visits facilities, for example, industrial facilities, factories and other facilities.

The whole set for simultaneous translation is placed in a small suitcase – its use is as convenient and practical as possible.

Q Interpreter is a Guarantee of Impeccability

The use of proven technical solutions in the organization of simultaneous translation will create an impeccable image of your company and have a positive impact on the interaction of the parties to the negotiations or conference.

We invite you to cooperate with our company in the issue of renting equipment for simultaneous translation. Thanks to many years of experience in this field, high professionalism and the use of modern equipment, we guarantee an impeccable result.

By choosing Q Interpreter, you will eliminate the language barrier!



Q Interpreter offers a large range of Russian & English interpretation services depending on your business needs. For conferences, conventions & seminars that you need to attend physically our simultaneous conference interpretation option is the most suitable.

For factory visits and business meetings we recommend onsite consecutive interpretation.

And if you need to translate technical documents, presentations, a website, etc. our translation service will meet your requirements.

Oil & Gas – Interpreting in Zoom

We have over 10 years of experience in online interpretation in Russian and English for top international oil and gas consortia. From online board meetings to online press conferences.  With Q Interpreter you will find the Zoom interpreter in Russian for your business needs!

Синхронный перевод в Zoom нефть газ

SDG – 2030 Agenda

Q Interpreter provides translation services for events and working groups for the implementation of the 2030 Agenda.

Q Interpreter translators are experts in the work of international organisations cooperating with major agencies, regional and national authorities.

Sustainable development goals


Events over the past year have taken the whole world by surprise, and as a consequence the work of doctors and scientists has suffered heavily. Research institutes are increasingly engaged in the study and development of medicines to combat epidemics.

The Q Interpreter team’s knowledge of current trends in pharmacology and medicine helps ensure that international meetings are conducted productively.

Pharmaceuticals and pharmacology

Negotiations and Business Meetings – Zoom interpreter in Russian

Developing a partnership in a new country? Working on a distribution arrangement in a fresh market? But social distancing and travel restrictions makes it hard for you to be there in person?

Q Interpreter takes advantage of our extensive track record to help you conduct negotiations with precision, and, of course, in utmost confidentiality. We will connect you with an expert Zoom interpreter in Russian!

Синхронный перевод в Zoom переговоры деловые встречи

Agricultural Sector

Do you need translations of documentation on crops or instructions for agricultural equipment? Are you participating or organising an exhibition or seminar on new developments in the agricultural industry?

Contact us. We will provide detailed information on translation services for your project, partner meetings or conferences.

Translation services in agriculture


Blockchain and fintech technologies are as multilingual as the Internet. The Q Interpreter team will provide translation services at different stages of work with financial technologies.

From the management of transactions and company assets, to seminars and master classes on how financial technologies work.

Translation services in financial technologies

Banking & Finance – Interpreting in Zoom

Conference calls with analysts, potential M&A negotiations, a briefing by your CFO, or interpretation at board meetings, say, for your independent directors?

Q Interpreter offers a wealth of experience with leading financial institutions to deliver an interpretation that will help you solidify your position. It will also allow you to deliver a clear message to the markets. Furthermore it will help executives navigate today’s multilingual environment.

Синхронный перевод в Zoom финансы банки

Water Resources Management

Water use is an acute issue in many spheres – the oil and gas sector, electricity, industry and agriculture. The many years of experience that the Q Interpreter team has guarantees the highest quality of translation, regardless of the purpose and format.

Q Interpreter translators have the ability to provide translation services both at conferences and on technical visits to water bodies.

Translation services in water resources management

Information Technology

Are you planning a workshop on the latest technology in manufacturing or software? A conference on the development of artificial intelligence?

The Q Interpreter team can provide translation of materials for the meeting, as well as help participants communicate freely with colleagues from other countries.

Interpreting in IT

International Organisations

Is your organisation helping to solve urgent problems in the environment, the protection of rights or education? The Q Interpreter team will help you communicate freely with your colleagues from other countries.

After all, language barriers should not interfere with the solution of common problems.

International Organizations

Training Seminars – Teams video call interpreter in Russian

At Q Interpreter we are ready to make sure you can take maximum advantage of our expertise in order to deliver top-quality interpretation for your training needs.

Contact us to receive detailed information to ensure the Skype or Teams Russian interpretation at your next training event is top-notch!

Синхронный перевод в Zoom семинары тренинги

Architecture and Construction

Q Interpreter has the ability to provide translation services at all types of meetings and conferences.

Our team’s extensive experience means we are able to provide high-quality translation both at conferences and partner meetings, and at construction, engineering and landscaping facilities.

Translation services in architecture and construction

Quality Assurance and Quality Control

The Q Interpreter team has extensive experience of working on quality assurance and quality control projects. Reaching a partner agreement on product quality will preserve the reputation of a brand, company, or project.

Moreover, the Q Interpreter team guarantees complete confidentiality.

Quality Control and Assurance


Q Interpreter provides translation for transnational environmental groups, at conferences and meetings, as well as the translation of open-source materials for publication.

Excellent translation services are vital for companies and institutions whose mission is environmental protection and the safe use of natural resources.

Translation Services in Ecology

Children’s Rights

All countries of the world recognise that children should grow up in an atmosphere of family happiness, love and care. After all, the harmonious development of an individual is the cornerstone of a harmonious and healthy society.

The Q Interpreter team are experts in the work of international associations and organisations for the protection of children, which means we are able to provide translation services of the highest level.

Children's rights

Infrastructure and Transport

Are you planning international routes or logistics? Are you participating in international tenders for transport services? Do you need translation of transport and logistics documentation?

The Q Interpreter team guarantees translation with the utmost accuracy and confidentiality.

Translation services in infrastructure and transport

Human Rights

Q Interpreter translators have the competence and experience of participating in international conferences and meetings on human rights and vulnerable groups. A sympathetic interest in these problems and issues helps Q Interpreter provide high quality translation services.

Human rights

Smart City

The Q Interpreter team provides translation services in various areas of smart city technology – from energy and transport projects to projects in education and social services.

The team’s many years of experience means we are able to provide top quality translation for your project at conferences or business meetings.

Translation services in smart city technologies


Translation for the aviation and aircraft construction sector helps to take a company to the next level, improve international logistics, and take part in the development of new technologies.

Contact us. You will receive detailed information on translation services for the aviation sector, including for negotiations with partners or at conferences.

Translation services in aviation

Public NGOs/NPOs

The work of non-profit organisations solves many social problems and is open and transparent in nature. Q Interpreter provides translation services for open-source publication materials.

Contact us. You will receive detailed information on our translation services for non-profit organisations, including at international conventions and conferences.

Public NGOs and NPOs

Media and Journalism

The journalism and media sector does not just convey information, but also emotions, it helps determine reputations, makes assessments, and draws attention to events and personalities. The most accurate translation by the Q Interpreter team will help you to accomplish these aims at any event, be it a press conference, interview or promotional video.

Q Interpreter also provides translation services for various media materials.

Translation services in journalism and media


Communications have long simplified the work of company employees, reduced the time for routine tasks, and helped implement important business processes.

The Q Interpreter team provides translation services at various exhibitions, presentations and conferences of the latest technologies in the telecommunications sector, as well as at employee training seminars.

Translation services in telecommunications


The coronavirus pandemic has forced the focus of health care to shift towards the elimination and prevention of the disease. In the current epidemiological situation, Q Interpreter provides translation services that comply with all necessary safety measures.

Contact us. We will provide you with detailed information on translation services for projects and meetings in the medical sector.


Project Management

The experience that Q Interpreter translators have in many areas guarantees the quality of translation in project management in any sphere of activity.

Contact us. You will receive detailed information on translation services for project management in your sector.

Translation services in project management

Electric Power – Interpreting in Zoom

At Q Interpreter we posses many years of experience interpreting for projects in the power generation and transmission business.

Q Interpreter provided solutions to support construction of one of the largest hydropower projects in the world. For many years we have interpreted at negotiations for a transmission line connecting several countries and spanning thousand kilometers.

Синхронный перевод в Zoom электроэнергетика виэ

Professional Membership

The International Association of Conference Interpreters is the only global association of conference interpreters. It brings together over 3,000 professionals from every continent. It promotes strict ethical professional practices.

The International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters (IAPTI) is an international professional association of translators and interpreters.

The Society of Petroleum Engineers is a non-profit oil and gas community. It is dedicated to meet the world’s energy demands in a safe, environmentally responsible manner.

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