Simultaneous interpretation in Tashkent 

Uzbekistan is a vast country situated in the heart of Central Asia. The country boasts a rich Turkic culture which delights with its luxury and grandeur; indeed, the very land itself seems to evoke the mystery and the hidden riches this ancient Turkic culture offers, with its rich legacy in the fields of science, architecture, and poetry.

Modern Uzbekistan continues to preserve the country’s oldest monuments and architecture, including the ruins of some magnificent ancient buildings, palaces, and mosques. Indeed, the Samanid Mausoleum, which has survived to this day, is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The Republic of Uzbekistan is abundant not only in ancient cultural riches, but also in natural resources. The country is rated among the world’s top ten for reserves of gold, copper, uranium, and natural gas. The raw cotton market is well developed in Uzbekistan, and some annual cotton yields reach record levels. A powerful mineral resource base has also been created in the country, with a large number of mineral deposits still being developed. The natural resources of Uzbekistan are so plentiful that a huge number of oil and gas fields remain as yet untouched.

Business environment in Uzbekistan

In ancient times, camel trade caravans passed through the deserts and steppes of Uzbekistan along the Great Silk Road. The modern capital of one of Central Asia’s most ancient states is the centre of the country’s commercial, financial, and cultural life. Today, the panorama of this capital, Tashkent, enchants visitors with its bustling city life.

In the north-western part of the capital, construction has begun of the Tashkent City international business centre, which will combine business premises, apartments, accommodation, and leisure facilities. The Republic of Uzbekistan is actively introducing artificial intelligence technologies in various areas, and is working on creating the Research Institute for the Development of Artificial Intelligence.

Afrosiyob high-speed electric trains, named after the king of an ancient settlement in the north of Samarkand, run between Tashkent, Samarkand, and Bukhara, and are able to cover distances of 300 kilometres in just a couple of hours.

Interpreter Tashkent

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Interpreter in Tashkent

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Conference Interpreters in Tashkent

Q Interpreter provides professional simultaneous interpreting services for business negotiations and conferences in Tashkent. We specialise in translation in many fields, in particular, in the oil and gas, metallurgical, financial, and pharmaceutical sectors. Our local translators’ deep understanding of business etiquette in Central Asian countries can help you establish successful interaction with partners.

In the current epidemiological situation, simultaneous translation with partners from Uzbekistan can be organised online or at a facility, in compliance with all safety measures (PCR test, personal protective equipment, etc.). To obtain a quote or information about our remote simultaneous translation services, please contact us by phone or leave a request on the website. Trust Q Interpreter to be your gateway to Central Asia!



Q Interpreter offers a large range of Russian & English interpretation services depending on your business needs. For conferences, conventions & seminars that you need to attend physically our simultaneous conference interpretation option is the most suitable.

For factory visits and business meetings we recommend onsite consecutive interpretation.

And if you need to translate technical documents, presentations, a website, etc. our translation service will meet your requirements. 

Oil & Gas – Interpreting in Zoom

We have over 10 years of experience in online interpretation in Russian and English for top international oil and gas consortia. From online board meetings to online press conferences.  With Q Interpreter you will find the Zoom interpreter in Russian for your business needs!

More details about specific projects Q provided solutions for are available upon request.

Interpreting in Zoom oil gas

Electric Power – Interpreting in Zoom

At Q Interpreter we posses many years of experience interpreting for projects in the power generation and transmission business.

Q Interpreter provided solutions to support construction of one of the largest hydropower projects in the world. For many years we have interpreted at negotiations for a transmission line connecting several countries and spanning thousand kilometers.

Interpreting in Zoom electric power

Banking & Finance – Interpreting in Zoom

Conference calls with analysts, potential M&A negotiations, a briefing by your CFO, or interpretation at board meetings, say, for your independent directors?

Q Interpreter offers a wealth of experience with leading financial institutions to deliver an interpretation that will help you solidify your position. It will also allow you to deliver a clear message to the markets. Furthermore it will help executives navigate today’s multilingual environment.

Interpreting in Zoom banking finance

Negotiations and Business Meetings – Zoom interpreter in Russian

Developing a partnership in a new country? Working on a distribution arrangement in a fresh market? But social distancing and travel restrictions makes it hard for you to be there in person?

Q Interpreter takes advantage of our extensive track record to help you conduct negotiations with precision, and, of course, in utmost confidentiality. We will connect you with an expert Zoom interpreter in Russian!

interpreting in zoom negotiations business meetings

Training Seminars – Teams video call interpreter in Russian

At Q Interpreter we are ready to make sure you can take maximum advantage of our expertise in order to deliver top-quality interpretation for your training needs.

Contact us to receive detailed information to ensure the Skype or Teams Russian interpretation at your next training event is top-notch!

Zoom Interpreter

Professional Membership

The International Association of Conference Interpreters is the only global association of conference interpreters. It brings together over 3,000 professionals from every continent. It promotes strict ethical professional practices.

The International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters (IAPTI) is an international professional association of translators and interpreters.

The Society of Petroleum Engineers is a non-profit oil and gas community. It is dedicated to meet the world’s energy demands in a safe, environmentally responsible manner.

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